Who is behind this?

The Social Design Getaway is organised by Rebecca Birch and Fan Sissoko, two independent social designers who want to share their passion with equally passionate people.



Fan Sissoko

I am an independent social designer and a worrier. I have more than 7 years of experience conducting and leading social innovation, service design and research projects, mainly for the public sector around mental health, social care and community wellbeing.

My work tends to be driven by empathy and I strongly believe in the power of storytelling to drive change. I also produce a podcast about hope and activism called the Hope Rising.



Rebecca Birch

I am an independent social designer, qualitative researcher and coach with a background in innovation consulting, youth and community work and ethnographic research.

I am interested in all things that help people to listen and be listened to. I draw on this interest plus a combination of social science and design-led approaches to solve complex user related, business and organisational challenges. I have worked on issues ranging from access and equality, mental health and wellbeing, early years/parenting, education, housing and worklessness.

Recently I’ve been working on a smart cities project called Colour in City which looks at how we can put personal data back into people’s own hands.

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