What is this about?

A retreat to connect and recharge 

Social design is about designing for social good. It’s also about designing socially. Because we can achieve way more together than we could ever achieve on our own. But how can we build and lead movements around a cause or an idea we deeply care about?

We believe that, more than quick win solutions and fuzzy processes, good storytelling and deep listening are key. And so is looking after yourself.

Social design can sometimes be a lonely and tiring business. We’ve worked as designers with charities and the public sector for a few years, and we’ve seen great people who really give a crap sacrifice their wellbeing in order to make change happen. We’ve been there and learned that you can’t pour from an empty cup. We have learned some valuable tools and practices for doing the work we love while keeping the cup full.

The retreat will offer time and space to reflect, recharge and build confidence through:


storytelling listening

care community